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Value Investing in Asia

Written for Asian-based Investors 

If you walk into a local bookstore in Malaysia, you would find half of the stock investing books are written in the context of the U.S. Market. 

My friend, Stanley Lim and Cheong Mun Hong have came together to write a practical step-by-step guide to the art of valule investing in stocks listed in Asia. 

This is suitable for you if: 

#1: You are broadening your stock portfolio beyond Malaysia to Asia. 

#2: Step-by-Step Guidance to understanding macroeconomics to narrowing down specific investment opportunities. 

#3: Exclusive Interviews with well-known value investors in Asia

#4: Real Life Case Studies and many more ... 

Who's Stanley Lim & Cheong Mun Hong?

Stanley Lim has spent the last decade in the investment industry. Over the course of his career, he has worked in the family office industry and most recently in the investment advisory industry. During that time, he has written close to 2000 articles online, on investment education and market analysis.

Cheong Mun Hong started his investment career as an investment analyst at a Singapore licensed Trust Company. Over the course of his work, he has dealt with investments involving public and privately held entities. These investments span from investment decisions to capital expenditure considerations.

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Value Investing in Asia: The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia

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